At our showroom in Solana Beach we have over 500 different flooring styles and textures to choose from.


Antique & Re-claimed Wood

All of our products labeled "Antique wood" or "Reclaimed wood" have served previous use, normally from an old structure such as a barn or warehouse that has reached the end of its usable life. While knowing you are contributing to the sustainability of our forest resources is reward enough, the connection to our past is often just as appealing. 

Antique wood salvaged & recycled from a previous application or use; at least 75 years since first put into service

Re-claimed/Re-purposed wood salvaged & recycled from a previous application or use; less than 75 years since first put into service.

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Barn Wood

Recycling old barns is an environmentally friendly use of existing resources. When we recycle this old wood we are saving the past for the enjoyment of future generations by adding authentic Americana to family homes and select commercial facilities.

From these old structures emerge reclaimed barn wood that retain the rich patina and character imparted by decades of daily use and of weathering by wind, rain and sun. Authentic barn wood, is a true "exotic wood" that is crafted by nature.


North & South American Collection

We offer pre-finished and unfinished North American Hard Maple from Wisconsin, Walnut from Ohio, Hickory from Tennessee, Cherry from Pennsylvania, and White Oak from the Appalachian mountains. From our South American Collection we have Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) and Santos Mahogany with multiple stains and finishes we can give you the look you want!


Rift & Quartered White Oak

Known as the hardest and most durable of the Oaks, Rift and Quartered White Oak engineered or solid flooring is an excellent flooring material because of its superior durability and variety of unique finishing options. This type of Oak is specifically distinguished by its vertical grain and unique tiger striping. It is achieved by rift and quartering - cutting at a 90-degree angle from the growth rings of the log.

Long revered for its distinctive beauty, it was the signature wood for Craftsman-style, Mission Oak homes and furniture popular during the Arts and Crafts movement.

More than just a beautiful surface, Rift and Quartered White Oak engineered flooring is dimensionally stable and durable - more than any other species of Oak. Finished to your individual specification, the result is a stunning floor that will make a statement for generations to come.