To help potential clients, we’ve answered some of the
most frequently asked questions we receive.

That depends on the size of the project. Normally sanding & finishing is a three day process, but allow four in case the finish isn’t dry from one day to the next, depending upon weather conditions.

Laminate Wood flooring is basically plywood with a wood veneer (1mm) on the top layer. Despite what anyone tells you, these types of flooring cannot be refinished. Engineered flooring is a solid piece of wood (4-6mm) attached to a plywood underlayment. It can come unfinished or pre finished.

If moisture conditions are acceptable, two of the most widely used applications would be engineered hardwood floors:

  1. Glued direct with the proper adhesives,
  2. Floating engineered flooring types.

The latter typically glued by tongue and groove and floated over a foam cushioned underlayment. More traditional 3/4″ solid hardwoods installed on concrete can be accomplished by:

  1. Installing a plywood sub floor, glued and nailed the concrete. However, this raises problems with door entries and other items. Overall height of the new floor will increase by 1 1/2 inches.
  2. Installing a Sika Adhesive sytem and attaching solid floor to the concrete.

Hardwood is extremely durable, and with minimal care will far outlast most floor covering. Kitchens are the focal point in many homes and hardwood will warm your kitchen, making all your guests feel right at home. By taking such precautions as cleaning spills as they occur, keeping scatter rugs in high traffic areas such as in front of your sink, refrigerator etc. Felt cushions on chair legs, and using proper cleaning procedures, your floor should maintain its beauty for years to come.

Hardwood is installed in 1/2 baths in many instances. If you have a tub or a shower, we do not recommend as Water and Wood do not mix!

We do not recommend this unless the area you are sanding & finishing is in a different part of the house, than where you are living. Even though all our machines have dust collection systems attached to then, the dust does still get around and the smell of the finish is not good to breathe in.

Yes, you can buff & coat your floor and finish it with 1 coat of floor finish. This usually takes a day and you can be back on your floors in 24 hours. 80-90% of the scratches can be removed with this process.

Yes, it is very important that the Flooring contactor you hire has a C15 License, Workmans Compensation & Liability Insurance. This will protect you as the home or business Owner.

Yes, the damaged boards can be cut out and replaced with new boards. The appliance will have to be removed and replaced by a plumber.

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