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Does the house have Hardwood Floors?

When looking at homes as a buyer, always look to see if they have Hardwood floors as they are an expensive and valuable asset. A lot of older homes tend to have LOTS of carpet but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t hardwood floors underneath. So how to you know if the house you’re looking at has wood floors? Well you certainly can’t tear apart every house your realtor takes you to but it should definitely factor into the offer you’re willing to make. Hardwood floors are much easier to maintain, especially on the main level of a home plus they add a lot of character and beauty. I guess it’s really a personal preference, which is why so many wood floors are covered with carpet through the years because not everyone loves them. Other people just LOVE carpet and you may find even the kitchen & baths are covered in carpeting. Here’s the easiest way to determine if you have wood floors:

Carpet over wood 1
Carpet over wood 5

If the room has a floor vent, remove it (they’re usually not screwed in) & carefully push your fingers under the pad to lift & reveal. This is an area where the carpet isn’t tacked down, so it’s easily accessible. If it doesn’t have floor vents, go to the basement and look up between ceiling joists. You may be able to catch a glimpse of the wood.

Carpet over wood 4

Also, what may look like wood stairs with a carpet runner, may just be wood on the edges. Tuck your fingers gently underneath the carpet to see if the wood continues or not.

Carpet over wood 2

If it’s your own home that you’re checking and the above methods don’t work, you can always find a discreet or hidden area and lift up a few inches in a corner at the baseboard. If you don’t find the hardwoods you were hoping for, use a palette or butter knife to tuck the carpet back under the baseboard.

Carpet over wood 6

After you discover wood floors under the carpet, contact a professional like Harbour Hardwood Floors to have them refinish the floors for you. They can also install new wood, replace any damaged boards and bring that old floor back to a new and beautiful life.