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Old Barn Wood Beams

Posted on: October 7, 2013

Old Barn wood beams and barn boards are rich with our American history. Recycling old barns is an environmentally friendly use of existing resources. When we recycle this old wood we are saving the past for the enjoyment of future generations by adding authentic Americana to family homes and select commercial facilities.

From these old barns emerge hand hewn beams, barn boards and reclaimed barn wood that retain the rich patina and character imparted by decades of daily use and of weathering by wind, rain and sun. Antique barn wood, is a true “exotic wood” that is crafted by nature.

The use of radiant heating systems is growing in popularity throughout the United States, especially under wood floors. We believe this is an excellent heating source, and with proper acclimation and installation methods it is an exceptional choice under our reclaimed wood flooring products.

Generally speaking, there is no doubt that radiant heat is the perfect type of heating system with wood flooring for the following reasons:

radiant heat2

  • Wood is an excellent conductor of heat meaning that heat is able to easily travel through the material into the surrounding space.
  • Wood is an effective distributor of heat. Combined with radiant heat systems, the warm air is distributed evenly in all directions throughout the room, as opposed to forced hot air or baseboard systems which direct the heat to rise. This explains why radiant heat is also an efficient system with wood flooring:  A large area of mild surface temperatures, such as a warm floor, is capable of transferring a significant amount of heat throughout a room or home.
  • Wood is a wonderful retainer of heat. It will naturally hold on to the warmth even if the heating system temperature drops or is turned off. This also contributes to the efficiency of the heating system as it does not have to work as hard to keep the room warm.